Ad for Sportsmaster.  Biggest athletic store in Russia

Music and sound effects provided by Amani Music 

We knew we were going to have a good time when we were asked to create the music for the trailer of this hilarious comedy, a spoof of "Paranormal Activity" called, "Paranormal Whacktivity" which is available on Netflix. 

"We All Share" A short film presented by Samsung

Music for trailer produced by Amani Music Group

Song Writing

​​We work with a team of highly talented song writers in various genres who have worked with the industry's top artists.  With their experience and knowledge we can create original songs that will drive your message home.  

Music Production

Our talented artists and composers handcraft original music that helps bring your story to life.  Whether your looking for music for a fifteen second online ad, or an original song to enhance your brands image and viewer reaction, we have the capability to create music that will get the attention of your target audience and remind them of your brand every time they hear the song.

What We Offer

Belvedere Red campaign joined by Usher

Music produced by Amani Music Group

We had the pleasure of working with Samsung on their short film based on themes of human connection and sharing from around the world.  The audience was so moved by the music of this trailer that, within 48 hours of the trailer airing, the views had reached close to two million with most of the comments praising the music and asking for links to the whole song. Unfortunately Samsung removed the trailer from their main page after the film aired but Samsung Africa still has it up.

Here Are A Few Examples Of Our Work

"Fashion Advice" New Samsung Focus Flash Phone Ad

Music produced by Amani Music Group

Usher joined Belvedere for their Red campaign to do something positive for people in need. With part of the proceeds going to Hiv/Aids prevention the Red campaign and Usher helped bring attention to a growing concern for our global community.  It was our privilege to help by providing the music for the ad.  

We believe music is and will be a big part of raising awareness and creating a memorable campaign.

We had a great time composing the music and sound effects for this ad.  Sportsmaster is one of the largest athletic stores in Europe. With their fun approach to the ad we were able to create a feeling of playfulness and drive their message home.

Movie Trailer For "Paranormal Whacktivity"

Music produced my Amani Music Group

Our friends at Samsung reached out to us again when they needed music for this hilarious commercial for their new Focus Flash Phone with Windows Ad.  Its always fun to work on a project when music and comedy are used to attract new clients to an ad for a great product.

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